Top-10 insect screens by Screen Factory Florida

An insect screen is an irreplaceable protection for your windows and doors to keep pollen, dust and insects away from the household. Though, with the wide variety of available screens it can be hard to choose “the one”. Screen Factory Florida has prepared a Top-10 insect screen to help you make this tough decision.

10. Magnetic screen

It is usually installed along the perimeter of the opening. It consists of several canvases that are attached to magnets. Such a screen is easily connected and disconnected if necessary. It looks like a regular curtain, featuring an attractive modern design.

9. Classic insect screen

This is a classic. Made of aluminum or metal frame and a mesh. It can be installed on wooden frames. On top of that, they are easy to install and have an affordable price. Light weight reduces the load on the window frame.

Rolling Window Screens

8. Ultraview

This is a popular new generation insect screen, which is made of non-combustible material. With thin threads in the manufacture, it was possible to achieve an improved view through a dense canvas. At the same time, this solution is ideal for protecting against insects.

7. Sliding screen

This is the most common type of screen, which can significantly save space. The unit does not require serious maintenance, is easily dismantled if necessary, and is highly reliable and safe.

6. Anti-pollen

This is a modern type of protective canvas that is designed for people allergic to pollen. Among the main features are small cells that can trap even the smallest particles that enter the room from the street. Also, such screens can stop mosquitoes, insects, street dust. Choosing this particular screen depends on your personal preferences

5. PetScreen

These are reinforced mosquito nets that can withstand a large load. This is possible due to the increased thickness of the thread and the strong dipping solution of the canvas. The threads are specially dyed in a darker shade so that the cat does not try to jump out for the birds. The best thing about this screen is that it’s almost impossible to puncture or tear. The screen is extremely strong and reliable


4. Steel screen

These are durable insect screens that are used to protect against insects and birds. The canvas consists of thin metal threads, which are woven securely together, providing resistance to negative external influences and loads.

3. Rolling screen

This screen is perfect for constantly open windows and doors. A special box is installed in the upper part of the window where the canvas can be folded and stored. It can easily be mounted on all types of windows, and storage does not need to be allocated a separate place.

2. Snap-in screen

This is a modern solution that is often used at home. A great option for indoor installation. The screen is characterized by increased strength, safety and the tightest possible fit to the window, which guarantees the best protection against insects.

1. Pleated

Generally, such screens look like classic blinds. This new canvas can be installed in almost any opening, and for the winter it does not need to be removed, which saves a lot of space.


It’s a tricky question to say which type of screen will be perfect for everybody as insect screening is a very personal accessory for each household. However, Screen Factory Florida team is always here to help you choose!

Our representative can calculate the cost of a screen door specifically for your doorway only after measuring and inspecting your window as the cost and installation of the screen depends on many factors that cannot be remotely foreseen.

We offer our clients a Free Estimate, subject to the order of screens including installation.