Warranty Service of Mosquito Systems

General information:

Warranty Service of Mosquito Systems

Screen Factory Florida warranty covers insect screens and installation carried out by our specialists. During the warranty period (minimum of 365 days, depending on the type of screen), we will eliminate any defects free of charge, if any occur.

Warranty periods are specified during ordering and depend on the specific type of screen and materials used.


During the stated warranty period Screen Factory Florida will repair any defects or malfunctions due to manufacturing issues free of charge. However, warranty cases with our insect screens are very rare, coming from experience.

Subject to following a few easy exploitation recommendations insect screens do not require replacement or repair for many years. For useful tips and tricks on maintenance of insect screens see our website.


Screen Factory Florida’s warranty is provided on an invoice (with a unique order number) which is handed to the client when placing an order.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover mechanical failures resulting from violations of operating conditions, during self-installation/removal, as well as during attempted repairs on their own or as a result of weather conditions.

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