Pets eventually become full members of the family, so their comfort and safety is as concerning as that of relatives and friends. Animals still like to sit by the window and look what is happening outside the four walls. As a result, you have to think about how to prevent your pet from jumping for birds, mice and even insect. Indeed, sometimes we keep our windows open all day round. Our special PetScreens save your furry friends the temptation of jumping out. Having a PetScreen installed you do not have to constantly guard your pet and keep on with the house chores in peace.


It’s nice to live on the lower floors and have flower beds with soft soil below. Jumping or falling on the ground will not cause harm to the animal if it manages to land well. However, only a few people are ready to risk their beloved pet, especially the ones from the upper floors. Therefore, here are some reasons on why you need a PetScreen:

  • the pet actively reacts to what is happening outside the window;
  • the pet is clumsy;
  • the pet usually sneaks out of the house while the owners are away.

Screens are installed on windows as well as sliding doors. If the animal does go outside, it will happen only with your permission.


Screen Factory Florida is here to provide you with the best and most personalized screens, so we have 3 color option of the canvas – black, white and gray.

It is important to enjoy the view from the window, so the aesthetic component is highly important. If you can’t settle on one shade, contact us for a free consultation and we will help you make the right choice.


Increased strength is one of the best characteristics of the PetScreen. Even a large pet will not be able to knock the canvas out of the window opening, no matter how it pushes the screen – with its paw or leaning with all its weight.

Fire resistance is an important parameter for residents of skyscrapers. It is impossible to make all the neighbors not to throw out cigarette butts out of their windows. With PetScreen you don’t have to worry about fire safety as the screen is treated with a special anti-inflammatory solution.

One more perk – PetScreen does not add much to the price of a regular screen.

Mesh PetScreen


  1. Protecting pets from falling out of the window
  2. Insect barrier
  3. Fire resistant
  4. Aesthetic look
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Excellent breathability
  7. Affordable cost
  8. Metal mounts
  9. Installation Warranty
  10. Free measurement

We have done everything to protect your pets, so feel free to use this opportunity of creating a safer home!

Our representative can calculate the cost of a screen door and window screen specifically for your doorway only after measuring and inspecting your window as the cost and installation of the screen depends on many factors that cannot be remotely foreseen.

We offer our clients a Free Estimate, subject to the order of screens including installation.